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How Do You Respond When Asked About Negative Reviews?

I would absolutely be honest with them. People understand that working so intimately and especially with high profile people can be really tough and demanding. I would just explain how uncomfortable they all were.

How Do I Quit My Baby Sitting Gig On Good Terms?

I was told never to quit a job until you have another. I would write them and email, then verbally tell them you have sent them an email and wait for a response. If you see them before a response, ask them if they have seen it. Make sure to... more

How Do I Discuss With My Family A Better Way To Do Dinnertime?

I would decide first if this was something the parents are concerned with. Sometimes the parents just do not care. I have been in situations where i would implement rules and they would allow the children to break them whenever I was gone. I can become exhausting to keep reteaching... more