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How Do You Teach Your Little Kids About Setting Goals?

I'm trying to help my kids understand working for things. I want them to learn how to set goals. 

Do You Do Anything With Your Kids To Celebrate The Start Of A New Month?

Sometimes I think we need something to look forward too. DO you have a reason to celebrate something every month?

Which Healthy Snacks Do Your Kids Ask For To Eat?

I'm trying t find some alternatives for cookies and chips that my kids will still like to eat. 

Where Are Some Of Your Favorite Road Trip Destinations To Enjoy In The Spring?

We just want to het away for a long weekend. Looking for ideas.  

What Can Help Get Egg Dye Stains Out Of A Rug?

My daughter knocked a cup of red dye off of the counter. How can I get the dye out of he rug under my table. 

Which Vegetables Are In Season In The Spring?

I was thinking about trying to start some tomato plants. Is spring a good time to start?

What Are Some Different Things You Like To Hide In Plastic Eggs?

We are trying to eat less sugar. We put stickers and small toys in the eggs. What else do you hide in plastic eggs?

What Is The Secret To Making Homemade Rolls?

I want to get really good at making homemade rolls. What is the secret to making light and fluffy homemade rolls?