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One week pay is helpful for caregivers that have served your family. Especially in the case of an unexpected end of job, (death) caregivers are often 7-10 days without income as they search for a new position. For long-term caregivers, 2-weeks is a welcome gift.

What Are Ways We Can Help Our Seniors Feel More Special?

Help your clients to send out Christmas cards. It may have been years since family members have gotten a card. Include a photo or written sentiment (dictated by client,) for even greater impact.

Any Gift Ideas For Early Stage Dementia?

One of my favorite gift for a person with dementia is a carefully designed photo book. For a person with early dementia, a photo book with the names of the person identified on the page is great. (Just add text boxes with names to the photo. Remember to name the... more

How To Find Low Cost Adult Housing

Looking for the new trend of Tiny Homes or as they are called in my industry- "Granny Pods" (Tiny homes that are ADA accessible, have electronic monitoring and room for a live-in caregiver,) can be a challenge. While everyone is looking to live in tiny homes, (they lower one'd... more