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How Much Should I Be Charging?

YES. $20 is the least you should be asking. Considering that you are not only caring for the children but teaching them as well demonstrates the vast amount of effort you are putting in. How much money will you lose from quitting your other jobs? Is this raise going to... more

What Are Fun Activities For A 5 Month Old?

Since they are five months old, there isn't a full range of activities you should know because they are so small. You are going to have to get creative like putting the baby in front of the mirror. Here are other things you can try: https://www.parents.com... more

What Do You Do If You Are Being Asked To Work Overtime?

Hmmmm... depending on where you live there may be laws against that. So, I would look into your state laws but you should definitely mention the vast amount of hours you have gone over and see if you two can come to a compromise. I know that that's easier... more

Is There An Effective Way To Show Authority When Babysitting Ages 6+?

It's super hard to get that balance right - especially with family because they know your weaknesses to call you out. You could try positive reinforcement: When they do something good reward them. When the other kids see one child being rewarded they will want to increase their good behavior.

What Are Other Care Providers In The Area Charging Per Hour For Special Needs Children?

You should at least be getting $15 an hour due to your experience. Having a BA and an AA assists with your integral knowledge while watching the child, giving them a grander understanding and a better source of care while you are watching. Also, the volunteering you accounted for should... more