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🤔how Do You Deal With Bad Behavior? 🤔

Depending on the way they are acting up, how often they are told to stop, and how the respond. If they aren't being horrible and they are just having an off day I tell them to stop and try to calm down. If they don't I tell them... more

I’m Seperated From My Husband, We Have A 15 Yr Old Boy W/special Needs Also Adhd. When Hes There They Are On The Go 24-7 So When He Gets Here, He’s Exhausted, He Sleeps All Weekend. I Feel Like His Dad Is Running Him Ragged & Then I Get No Quality Time.

It is the same way when I am at my dads. Im all over the place then im asleep at my moms. Try to talk to his dad, ask to see if he can give your son a bit of a break, and remind him that you both love your... more

Is It Okay To Quit My Nanny Job?

Talk to them about your pay first. If they get upset about it or disagree you are not bing treated and paid fairly then let them know kindly and calmly that they can start looking for a new nanny. Let them know what their child/children are doing and ask... more

❓what Do You Wish Parents Knew About Your Job?❓

That I am watching their child. A lot of parents think that when a babysitter watches the kids it will be like the cover of a babysitting magazine where everyone is smiling and calm, but in reality I am still watching your child, they will get loud, have fun, and... more

🤔 What Are Your Favorite Activities To Do On The First Day With A New Family? 🤔

Introducing myself, showing all the members of that family that I am dedicated to making their family happier, less stressed out, and more active. When I am actually on the job I like to (If this means babysitting) I ask what their favorites are (food, games, hobbies, colors, ect.) Then... more

Potty Tips ?

Stay calm with him, he is a kid. But also have a talk with him. Ask him to try and improve his bathroom habits and maybe put a little sighn on the toilet lid so when he uses the bathroom he gets a reminder.When having a talk with him... more

How Much Should I Ask To Be Paid By The Hour? (What Do You Ask If Your A Nanny Or If You Are A Parent How Much Would You Like To Pay)

Depending on the ammount of tasks being asked to do. If someone is watcing one child for a couple of hours then about $11 per hour. However they should get paid more if they are watching multiple children, are doing housework, and other tasks as well. In that case $12... more

💬 If You Could Change One Thing About Your Job, What Would It Be? 💬

The children growing up. Once you watch them long enough you get attached and don't want them to grow up because then you can't watch them anymore.