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What Should I Wear To A Nanny Interview?

Casual has been recommended and is a great way to go. However, it also depends on what type of nanny you market yourself as, what your skills and interests are and for whom you will be caring. Are you athletic? Will you be caring for children who are into gymnastics... more

How Do You Balance Caring For Yourself While Caring For Others?

I'm so ashamed to admit that as much as I advocate for this, like many carers, I have to forcibly remind myself that I deserve care as well. Truly it isn't a matter of being deserving or not, it's a matter of necessity: when I am too... more

What Free Or Inexpensive Professional Development Modules Do You Like To Participate In Online?

Hi, everyone!  I'm really interested in learning what free, low cost or moderately priced activities everyone enjoys participating in for themselves. I'm thinking specifically of brief courses that might fall under "professional development." Some of the best sources I've found (keep in mind, these are free... more

Real Talk With Nannies: 20 Tips For Getting Your First Nanny Job recently posted the question: “What advice would you give a caregiver just starting out?”  Here are my 20 tips for getting your first job as a child caregiver, based on my 10+ years of experience as a nanny: Spell check all communication. Check and double check your profile, applications and... more

What "superpower" Do You Have As A Caregiver?

Some of the best superpowers I've been suspected of having by parents and children: - I can get any child to ask for vegetables! Steamed asparagus, shredded boiled cabbage, roasted Brussels sprouts, sauteed greens or the sauerkraut the kids helped make three weeks ago? These are all clearly excellent options... more

What Advice Would You Give To A New Caregiver Who Is Just Starting Out?

Remember that you are marketing yourself. You are your "brand," and as much as it's a comfort to think your service will speak for you, you also need to take care with your presentation: Spell check your profile, applications and messages, and if writing is not your strong point... more

What Are Some Polymer Clay Ideas For Older Kids?

I used to love making beads, then making jewelry out of them. Roll a tube, then roll smaller tubes to cover the larger one. Wrap it all in a solid sheet of clay,roll it smooth and slice it thinly with a wire or razor. Gently use a tooth pick... more

What Do You Think Of A Joint Birthday Party For A 4 Year Old And An Adult?

I think it's your child, and your decision. You can easily coordinate with your adult sister, right? If it involves family coming from out of town, have the kid party in the morning before lunch and the adults can do adult stuff in the evening. If it's just... more