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1) When You First Started, How Long Did It Take For You To Get Responses? 2) Did You Find It Was Competitive Within Your Area And What Did You Do To Stand Out? 3) And Do You Have Any Additional Suggestions?

I have only been on site for a short time but this is my 2nd time to try it since August. I have been on less than a month this time and already secured 2 clients for recurring housecleaning services. Both are very pleased, 1 gave me a... more

How Important Is It To Purchase Your Own Cleaning Supplies And Equipment?

Hi Clint! I noticed your posting was still up, so just wondering if you are still needing someone? I am available as early as 9/2 and I have various openings sporadically thereafter. I am running a September special because I am new here, this is my only means of... more

House Cleaning And Micromanaging Daughter

I am brand new to this sight but I am interested in knowing more about it. Can anyone give me some honest feedback (either those providing care , or those requesting services). Can you give me your pros and cons about your personal experiences - like example how hard or how easy... more