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I Need A Home Cleaner First Because Frankly My House Is A Disaster Area!  But Once The Initial Disaster Is Cleaned Up, I Then Need Someone Bi-Monthly. So Do I Need To Post 2 Separate Jobs Or Can One Listing Suffice?

You just tell them when you interview them your goals, I would use the normal rate and if they do a good job surprise them with a bonus, I've had people do that to me

Is It Necessary To Have Both An Oil Diffuser And An Air Purifier In The Same Room?

Air purifier takes toxins out of the air, a diffuser makes it smell good

What's The Best Way To Sanitize Kitchen Counters?

Use lysol whipes then dry with paper towels, dont use Clorox wipes because it will advenutly take color away.the evidence will be on the white wipe