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How Can I Encourage My Mother To Eat?

A lot of people don't know it but fluids are most important. Even more surprising, jellos & ice cream count as fluids. A trick used in nursing homes, alternating bites of dessert with meals.

Would You Consider Becoming A Senior Care Auditor After Caregiving?

Yes, I would for myself, as I've been a CNA for 18 yrs & wish to do private care. Why? Because state law of Indiana Nursing states that when doing care in a nursing facility it should be 15 minutes/ resident. When you're short on staffing, which happens... more

Senior Care Information?

When doing your research for care education, use a .org as they're based on facts. Best ones are the ones which include diagnosis for your loved ones. As, a mother of 2 special needs children I often used the website for Riley's Children Hospital as they list various... more

How To Lighten Your Holiday Chores. What Are Your Holiday Helps And Hassells?

Perhaps, if you have holiday parties or shopping, this would be a great time to have a Respite Senior Caregiver.

Who Do You Think Should Pay For Caregiver Education: Caregiver, Family, Employer?

I believe it depends on the type of training, education needed.