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How Did The World Become Interconnected During The Early Modern Ere ?

Before internet, we had, TV, Radios, and newspapers to stay connected


There is a dance school in Middletown NY that my Granddaughter goes to. They may have classes to teach that style dance

School Supplies Donations.

I would help, but I am short on cash and food

I Started Com 101 Course Any Advice I Get Nervous Talking In Front Of People

I'm not familiar and wouldn't try to advise till I had a chance to check into it.

What Are Your Views On Kumon? Is Repetitive Learning In Math Good For Kids?

I'm not an expert on that teaching method, but from what I* have seen it seems like it is very helpful, similar to the old math I learned in school 50 years ago and worked fine for me over the years

Do You Prefer Tutors Who Specialize In One Subject Or One Who Can Teach Multiple Subjects?

I myself feel a jack of all subjects would be best to start with, then in time, if the child needs more help in certain subjects, you could consider getting another tutor

Bad Babysitting

As for your complaint and the post, you made, I could not advise you. but as for me, I have had several years of caring for different types of children and parents. I would never leave you, short, looking for a sitter. And any complaints about your child would be... more

Should I Have The Same Tutor For My Two Children?

In my experience, some tutors are able to tutor a child on a verity of subjects. I would try to find one tutor who has experience in tutoring several subjects. You should be able to have one for both of the children, The two of them can work and even... more