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My Elderly Mother Needs Help With Transportation To Appointments And Such, How Much Does That Cost?

Figure out a fixed pay per appointment regardless of how short or long, and a time that will work for the appointments, and see how it goes from there.

Drug & Alcohol Testing On Caregivers

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How To Find Low Cost Adult Housing

Talk to people you know, ask around

Paying Caregivers

If it is your legal liability to file applicant with tax deducted wages, then stick to your method of payment. If there is no legal requirement to with-hold taxes, reduce your cash payment wage, and pay applicant with cash

Eldercare Abuse

Find out her/his story and then the parents story. Then make a decision, including termination if obvious ethics lines were crossed.

Cash Loan While On Medi-Cal

No because it is a loan, you still will owe money you receive, possibly more with interest. Should not affect your short term or long term financial status in and of itself, i.e. just getting a lump sum loan.


1 Yr income if employee worked 10+ years, or 6 months income if employee worked 5+ years. Increments of that for those who worked 1-5 months