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How Do I Screen Caregivers Responding To My Ad?

You asked for references just like you would for any other prospective employee. Once you have talked with references then you can meet in a public place to interview the perspective Caregiver.

Does Anyone Know If Personal Care Includes Cutting Hair?

No it does not. That is a specialty task.

Does Anyone Know Of An In-Home Service That Would Provide Monthly Hair Cuts For An Elderly Couple In Somerville, Ma?

Put a posting in your local social media. You should be able to have enough responses for someone reliable to cut their hair in the home.

How Do You Check In On Your Aging Family And Friends?

If you have anxiety perhaps set up a weekly get together for dinner or going out to eat as a family. This would be a good way to catch up on the week and to ensure how they are mentally and physically without them feeling like you are checking up... more

Can Anyone Give Me A Ballpark Figure On A Reasonable Day Rate To Care For 2 Boys (8&6)? I'm Going To Need Care For Them For About Two Weeks, Assuming Hours Between 830 And 430 Each Day.

It would all depend what additional need is for the two boys. If it is companionship and meal prep and taking them to sports or activities then the price would be $20-$25 per hour but expect to get something back on your investment.

How Do I Help My Father Accept Help?

It is very difficult for an elderly gentleman to admit that he needs assistance. Most of the time a man will see themselves in the mirror as they have always been, the strength of the home. The best way to go about it is to allow a caregiver to assist... more