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How Can I Convince My Father To Use His Cane?

Explain that an elderly person can die from a hip replacement, who takes care of him if he falls, Paint a picture

Who Do You Think Should Pay For Caregiver Education: Caregiver, Family, Employer?

This is a broad question: Who can afford to pay, is whom should pay

My Mother In Law Moved And Changed Dynamics

Much more information needs to be shared from doctors to family before taking on such care.

Aging Caregiver - Health Issues

Maybe cut her hours and bring on another part timer

Senior Care Meals Suggestions?

Meals on Wheels is all low sodium meals. These can be purchased at your local Meals on Wheels center.

How Can I Convince My Father To Accept A Caregiver?

depends on what type of communication you have with him. Parents are full of self pride.