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For A House 1600 Sq Ft, 3 Bedroom 3 Full Bath, Needs Detailed Cleaning, Whats A Reasonable Rate?? How Do You Charge? Based Off..?

I charge hourly and for whatever extras that you may need. 35/hr every house price is different. when i start cleaning i start my timer when i stop the timer goes off and i screenshot you my time and bill you after.

How Do You Handle Out-Of-Pocket Expenses For Personal Assistant?

I pay my assistant hourly and I also tip depending on the task

Having Trouble Finding Someone!

In person interviews are the best. I find it best to give your housekeeper flexibility as you would like flexibility. A time range where you would like for them to be there. Remember a housekeeper is a new addition to the family not just "the help"

How Much To Pay A House Keeper?

35 dollars an hour. That includes labor and supply costs.

What Is The Difference In Light And Deep Cleaning? I Have 5 Kids And 1 On The Way So, To Me All Cleaning Is Deep!

This is a great question even for me! Ive always been a deep cleaner so surface cleaning is just wiping and disinfecting everything sweeping and vacuuming.Making things "look" nice and smell good. Not moving anything to get to anything to clean and not organizing .

House Cleaning Price

If the house is that big your best bet is for your housekeeper to charge by the hour. That way if its not too much you keep your cost lower then getting a flat rate. For example my rate is 35/hr. Normally to clean a house like that and... more

Posting A Job. I Get Many Replies But When I Replied Back To Set Up A Interview It Takes 24 To 48 Hrs Before I Hear From Somebody. I Guess Only A Few People Have Cell Phones Where They Can Take A Few Minutes To Said Yes Or No .

My phone is always on. The problem is that has a few requirements when it comes to communicating with applicants and the other way around. Care chat works but it would be way more effective if we just could have our numbers up for you to directly contact... more

Removing Stains

The first way is to use a heavy duty shout spray and scrub and work the solution into the stain. That should work. If it doesn't you should soak the white jeans in a solution called "White Brite". It can be found at your local walmart. Allow the shorts... more