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How To Get A Job Quicker

Try to apply to several jobs at once you are bound to get one of them.

Do Some Families Allow You To Watch Their Child In Your House?

A couple of the children I took care of in high school I was asked to take them to my home. I am completely fine with taking them to my home.

Im A Younger Care Giver What Can I Do To Get Jobs Despite My Age

Put effort into the information you put in your bio. It is smart to get CPR certified at a young age because you have that extra qualification.

What Do You Do If You Are Being Asked To Work Overtime?

It all depends on the amount of overtime being asked to do. If you know you are capable of working a little extra then what's the harm.

Is There An Effective Way To Show Authority When Babysitting Ages 6+?

Positive reinforcement for good behavior. Praising them for behaving well and encouraging them to do their chores and homework will help boost their confidence. If they misbehave communicate with them to let them know what they did was wrong and if they continue that behavior there will be consequences.