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How Much Should I Expect From My Niece For Watching Her Ten Month Old For 45 Hrs A Week?

Well it varies by how long do you watch her daily? Family is always a pain to work with but a decent rate would be anywhere from $8-10/hr. or to be nice, even just ask for around $50-70 a day.

Hello. I Need To Hire Someone For Some Yard Work In My Home. My Back Is To Damaged To Do It Myself. Where On This Site Do I Find That Section?

Most likely the best area would still be housekeeping. Though it may not be IN your house, it still is your land/property.

Is It Wrong To Ask For A New Hourly Wage If The Job Has Changed?

It isn't really wrong to ask for more, your main duty was to keep her company and help around the house a little, and now your having to give her medication and become a nurse. It may sound like your being rude but honestly you didn't really sign... more

For A House 1600 Sq Ft, 3 Bedroom 3 Full Bath, Needs Detailed Cleaning, Whats A Reasonable Rate?? How Do You Charge? Based Off..?

Most people usually would charge around $9-15/hr with variables. Since you are bringing/using your own supplies that can give you a little more breathing room for price, but maybe for newer people ask what they think would be a reasonable price, and try to work from there.

What Is The Difference In Light And Deep Cleaning? I Have 5 Kids And 1 On The Way So, To Me All Cleaning Is Deep!

Light cleaning is mainly just dusting, folding laundry, some sweeping, and drying dishes. heavy cleaning is usually like vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, things with vigorous movement and require a lot of movement and bending,kneeling,ect.

How To Broach The Subject Of Bringing Your Child Along

the best thing to do is to put it in your bio, so that way people up front know that you have a child to bring along, some people get upset if you wait till a interview and tell them.

House Cleaning Price

Well it mainly depends on how long it might take, since you are allowing them to use most of your cleaning supplies that helps greatly, a decent starting price usually would be at least $9/hr some people may charge more, but it varies.

How Important Is It To Purchase Your Own Cleaning Supplies And Equipment?

It all varies from person to person, most people would have at least some basic supplies, but some may not let you use theirs. There are a few things you can substitute for until you can afford them. For example, you can use a old cloth shirt you don't... more