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The 20 cutest pet Halloween costumes

Whether you’re headed to a pet parade or just want to “howl” with laughter at home, here are some of the best pet costumes available for dogs, cats and guinea pigs.

pet Halloween costumes 2021

While Halloween is typically considered a kid-centric holiday, it’s the perfect time for pets to join in the fun. Chances are your furry family member is already quite a character. Pet Halloween costumes offer cats, dogs and even guinea pigs an opportunity to show even more personality by taking on a new persona.

Whether you’re headed to a pet parade or just want to “howl” with laughter at home, pet Halloween costumes are available for every shape and size. We’re talking wigs, wings and even poodle skirts. From costumes that allow your pet to impersonate other animals to styles that morph them into beloved movie characters, here are 20 of the cutest pet Halloween costumes for the animals you love.

1. UPS Delivery Driver 

This UPS driver getup is the cutest dog costume
Image via Party City

Special delivery! Everyone loves to get a package, but it’s even more fun when it’s delivered by your four-legged friend.

Where to buy: UPS Driver Dog Costume ($16, Party City)

2. Spaceship

This spaceship getup is the cutest dog costume
Image via Chewy

Your pet’s cuteness will skyrocket thanks to this out-of-this-world spaceship suit. If you’ve got a kid or an adult going as an astronaut, this really completes the look.

Where to buy: Walking Spaceship Costume ($17, Chewy)

3. Retro Camper

This Retro Camper getup is the cutest cat or dog Halloween costume
Image via Target

Wanderlust isn’t just for humankind. You cat or dog is going places in this costume.

Where to buy: Retro Camper Dog Costume ($13, Target)

4. Shark

Image via Walmart

Shark Week may be over, but your pet will inspire chills and thrills in this ‘see’-worthy costume.

Where to buy: Shark Costume ($17, Walmart)

5. Monarch Butterfly

Image via Walmart

Halloween is a great time to let your furry family members spread their wings! This butterfly costume’s colors are the perfect complement to bright pumpkins and dark cauldrons, too.

Where to buy: Monarch Butterfly Costume ($14, Walmart)

6. Rainbow

This rainbow getup is the cutest dog or cat costume
Image via Target

Somewhere over the rainbow … you’ll find the cutest pet in town. Seeing your cat or dog in this adorable costume is your very own pot of gold. And it lights up for Halloween night too!

Where to buy: Rainbow Costume ($15, Target)

7. Crab

Image via Target

No pinching, please! If your pet has a naturally “crabby” personality, this headband says it all!

Where to buy: Crab Hat Cat Costume ($5, Target)

8. French Artist

This French artist getup is the cutest dog or cat costume
Image via Chewy

What’s better than your pup in the park? Your pup painting in Paris, of course.

Where to buy: French Artist Costume ($17, Chewy)

9. Ariel Disney Princess 

This Ariel Disney Princess getup is the cutest cat or dog Halloween costume
Image via Chewy

If you’ve ever wondered what your pet would look like with red, flowing locks, here’s your chance! Even better, you don’t have to go under the sea to find this mermaid princess costume.

Where to buy: Ariel Costume ($19, Chewy)

10. Snow White

Image via Walmart

Speaking of princesses, dress your doggie as Snow White. Just don’t let them accept any apples from witches while trick-or-treating.

Where to buy: Snow White Costume ($35, Walmart)

11. Lobster

This lobster getup is the cutest dog or cat Halloween costume
Image via Target

Who needs candy corn when you’ve got lobster? Canines and felines alike quickly become crustaceans for the day with this costume. (Butter not included.)

Where to buy: Lobster Costume ($10, Target)

12. Koala 

Image via Chewy

Skip the trek to the outback! You can mingle with a koala right in your own backyard with this soft silver suit that’s sure to transform your pet into a marvelous marsupial.

Where to buy: Koala Costume ($16, Chewy)

13. Spider Pup

Image via Walmart

Spooky spiders are an essential part of Halloween. Turn your four-legged friend into an eight-legged creature who’s sure to ensnare you in their web every time.

Where to buy: Spider Costume ($27, Walmart)

14. Peacock

Pets love to strut their stuff, and this peacock costume is sure to help them get all the attention they crave!

Where to buy: Peacock Costume ($26, Walmart)

15. 50’s Girl

Image via Walmart

Crank up the jukebox and take a trip down memory lane with this adorable throwback costume. All breeds can rock this pretty poodle skirt.

Where to buy: 50’s Girl Costume ($22, Walmart)

16. Giraffe

This giraffe hat makes the cutest cat Halloween costume
Image via Target

No matter the size of your cat, they can still impersonate the world’s tallest mammal in this simple giraffe hat.

Where to buy: Giraffe Hat Cat Costume ($5, Target)

17. Serape y sombrero

This cool serape and sombrero makes the cutest guinea pig Halloween costume
Image via Chewy

Halloween if everyone’s favorite fiesta, so why not deck out your guinea pig in this adorable striped serape and sombrero combo. There’s a version of this costume for cats and dogs, too.

Where to buy: Frisco Serape Costume ($9, Chewy)

18. Edward Scissorhands

This cool Edward Scissorhands getup makes the cutest pet Halloween costume
Image via PetSmart

Bring on the 80s movie nostalgia … This Edward Scissorhands costume will have you and the neighbors cracking up all Halloween night!

Where to buy: Edward Scissorhands Costume ($20, PetSmart)

19. Frankenstein

This cool Frankenstein getup makes the cutest pet Halloween costume
Image via Classic Horror Shop

If your dog or cat has a tendency to behave like a little monster, you can’t go wrong with this Frankenstein costume. Watch the Boris Karloff classic film with your tiny terror if you dare, and prepare to be scared!

Where to buy: Frankenstein Costume ($30, Classic Horror Shop)

20. Bat

These bat wings make the cutest pet Halloween costume
Image via Amazon

Help your black cat can go incognito this Halloween. Simply apply bat wings.

Where to buy: Bat Costume ($7, Amazon)