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Why Is All This Hair Coming Out?

:(( I am so sorry to hear this. It could be many things but a vet visit is necessary asap. Call around and ask for discounted rates for first timers at a new vet if need be. Many of them offer a discount for intro visit. If you get lucky, there... more

What Type Of Dog Breeds Are Best For Cats?

Golden retrievers are great with cats! They are such sweethearts in general. I think the same goes with labs. Most small to medium dogs would be a great choice. Introduce them slowly please!

What To Charge For Cats?

Everyone has to name their own price. I suggest taking into account your commute, gas etc. That being said, I work with both and charge less for cats. It always seems like less work to me. The don't drool or make me chase them (lol). If you are staying... more

Rate Of Pay

4 times a day is quite a bit. Even if they live close by it is still time out of their day plus the feeding... I think more than the average $20 should be offered. How many days is also a factor... I'd say $23+ per day.

How Do I Help My Rescue Not Be So Aggressive And Anxious

Aw poor thing! Thank you SO much for adopting and looking past his anxiety. Just like us, he did not choose to feel that way. Please be sure to not stop social activity. Walks a few times a week are great so he doesn't regress and slow integration to... more

Boarding Dogs When Your Own Dog Gets Jealous!

Very common! Dogs (and cats!) are territorial and always seek to protect. To them you are being naughty by inviting all of these strangers. It's very normal and something you will have to take case by case. When you notice the jealousy be careful to give your furbaby as... more

What Would You Charge For 3 Dogs, All Day And Over Night?

This would depend on the routines for the dogs and what would be expected in terms of activity/ medicine administration etc. $80-$150 (ish).

My Dog Started Peeing In The Floor After We Got A Cat, Help!

It's always best to have a visit to the vet just in case! That being said, I think it is the sibling jealousy taking over. There are anti-anxiety sprays and the like you can get from pet stores and it's good to go the extra mile with extra... more