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πŸ“£ Greater Nyc Area Caregivers: Wants To Meet You!Β πŸ“£

Put it on paper 1) respect 2) support from the parents 3) paid by the hour (min $10 up to $20.00) 4) be flexible 5) Report to parents at the end of the day 6) it is your business be serious 7) not part of family, it is your... more

Is It Okay To Quit My Nanny Job?

Talk to parents and ask their support, if no changes, 2 weeks notice. Do not accept $5 per hour, minimum $10.00 or $15.00

❓what Do You Wish Parents Knew About Your Job?❓

That I am patient, warm, attentive, and responsible.

What Is The Daily Rate For Nanny?

$100.00 is the daily rate.

πŸ€” What Are Your Favorite Activities To Do On The First Day With A New Family? πŸ€”

Depending on the the age. Play a game, take them outside if the weather permit.

Potty Tips ?

Help him till he gets it.