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How Do I Search For And Apply For A Job

First i would find the jobs that are in my fields of experience and then search from there, and if i see a job that Interest me then i would get contact Information then you apply for the job sending your Resume attached along with your application to be considered... more

Should An Eye Exam For A 59 Yr Old Woman At Walmart Vision Center Be 700$? My Mother Was Charged 700$for Her Eye Exam ,and Frames! I Want Able To Take Her To Her Appointment And I Found This Out Today! This Was At Cedartown Ga. Walmart Vision Center

well here is what i would do if it was my mother,i would simply take my mother back to the Walmart where she purchased the glasses and received the eye exam and ask for the Manager of the eye Department and when i spoke to him i would explained... more

Senior Caregivers

what i would do if i was in your situation would be to contact and speak to the person that was in the position to solve or at least be able to listen to my complaint, that was seriously a problem for me and my love one and... more