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Advice On Pay For An Entire Weekend

I would typically charge 15/hour depending on whether or not I'd have to drive them anywhere and that would be more.

When Do You Start Your Spring Cleaning?

I start when the cold weather breaks.

Where Do You Start Spring Cleaning In Your House?

I feel that closets should be cleaned out and organized regardless of whether or not anyone sees it or not.

Do You Make A List Of Spring Cleaning Chores?

I always make a spring cleaning list. I try to write down things I'm thinking of at the time that I may overlook or not think of at the time.

How Much Time Do You Spend Spring Cleaning?

I would spend as long of time needed to complete the spring cleaning duties. May take alternating between days.

How Much Should I Expect From My Niece For Watching Her Ten Month Old For 45 Hrs A Week?

I think as a personal opinion, that 30.00 a day is okay. If I were providing the gas to pick up and drop off and also providing the child's expenses, then id think it'd be reasonable to ask at least 5 more.