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What I Wish Parents Knew About School: Advice From A Teacher

As summer draws to a close, the excitement and nervousness about a new school year comes creeping in. Throughout my 10 years of teaching in public school classrooms, I’ve come across hundreds of children and parents — and their anxiety around learning and development. Don’t worry, it’s natural to worry... more

Airplane Travel With Kids: 20 Tips For Maintaining Your Sanity

Only six months after the birth of our third child, my husband and I decided to do something spontaneous and took the whole family on a trip to Europe. Many said we were crazy and stalked our Facebook pages daily in hopes of watching hilarious stories of jet lag and... more

How To Train A Service Dog To Help You Live Your Best Life

Service dogs are invaluable tools that help people with disabilities lead more independent lives. With proper training, a service dog can assist with specific disabilities involving a loss of physical mobility and can alert the owners who depend on them to an onset of serious conditions like narcolepsy, seizures or... more

How To To Take Care Of A Puppy: A New Owner's Guide

Adding a puppy to the family can often be like one of those Pinterest fails. Your head is filled with all the adorable scenes of puppy kisses and playing fetch at the park, but the reality is consumed by countless hours of house training your dog and teaching them how... more

Breaking Down Preschool Benefits And Pricing

While many parents turn to preschool as a means to reenter the workforce, preschool’s main benefit lies in its ability to foster the development of kids under age 6. Picking a preschool should be an easy task, but with so many different philosophies, the process of researching ideologies can be... more

The 10 Best Online Math Tutors

Find a tutor to help your children receive additional math support from the comfort of your home. With the growing rate of students involved in extracurriculars and after-school activities, online math tutors allow students to receive the help they need without overbooking themselves, and saving their parents from playing chauffeur... more

The 10 Best Ghost Tours Around Atlanta

Experience some of the Atlanta area’s spookiest ghost tours this Halloween season. Fall means cooler evenings and the whispers of spirits blowing in the breeze. As Halloween draws near, our interest in the supernatural seems to grow. Grab your kids (or call up your babysitter or nanny if the kids... more