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How Do I Screen Caregivers Responding To My Ad?

You talk to them in the phone and ask them some simple questions.By the voice alone and the way they respond to you ;you`ll know their perosonality ;or if you want you can meet them personally and youll be able to see their facial expression and gestures the... more

What Are Ways We Can Help Our Seniors Feel More Special?

I can play the piano if you have and entertain the senior . I can listen music with her;take time to talk to her walk her around the house.I used to bake nice cakes before but I just lose my recipes.

Eldercare Abuse

you have to confront the caregiver ; and if possible you can change her after being investigated by a police officer.

Paying Caregivers

As an employer you have to stand firm in telling your caregiver that you have agreed to what system of payment has been agreed upon and it`s important to have the SS and medicare to be taken ;so there`s no more headache for both of them at the... more

How Do You Go About Hiring Some One To Check In With An Elderly Parent On A Daily Basis?

By having a background check and reviews are two of the most important criteria in knowing that a caregiver is reliable.On the other hand you can notice by the way the person look;treat;speaks and behaves when he`s with you and or the the elderly patient.And... more

Can You Ask For A Back Ground Check On Anyone You Employ To Come An Help With An Elderly Parent?

Evryone wants the safety of the patient and her family;so it would be best to have a background check done.

When Do You Know It’s Time To Get Help Taking Care Of An Elderly Parent?

Yes ;I think when you started feeling out of balance and you need help to accomplish the patient`s safety and comfort;then I think it`s time to ask for help in taking care of her.

What Questions To Ask When Hiring Senior Care Giver?

How do you care for a senior with temper tantrums?Can you handle this? Patience is of utmost importance when caring for seniors.You stay and explain to the patient what your gonna do and if he contiues to have temper tantrums ;just stay near him/her until he kept... more