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Public Policy Intern at, Gymnastics Coach, Mount Holyoke B.A. '15, Columbia University M.S. '17, Math Tutor, and Camera Collector

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Diy Craft: How To Make A Vase

Here's how you can make a beautiful, customized vase out of a Quaker® canister.Whether you want to dress up the plant you’re giving as a gift – or decorate one in your house, this beautiful plant covering is the perfect easy craft. With just a few supplies and a... more

Diy Craft: How To Make A Toy Storage Pyramid

Here's how you can make a toy storage pyramid out of Quaker® canisters.There are a few things that parents wish for in their lives: to have happy, healthy families; to get a little peace and quiet (at times) – and, more storage for all the toys and “stuff” their beautiful... more

Diy Craft: How To Make A Barn

Here's how you can make a classic barn out of a Quaker® canister.A sheep goes Baa. A cow goes Moo. A horse goes Neigh. Then, at the end of the day, they all go to sleep in their barn. Here's a great way to make a barn from a few... more

Here’s How To Help Advance Women In The Workforce

Life 100 years ago must have been tough. But, being a woman 100 years ago must have been infuriating. Forget not being able to attend five out of the eight Ivy League schools. Women couldn’t even borrow credit. Or vote.Days like National Women’s Equality Day give us the chance... more

What Is The Sandwich Generation?

Have you ever felt like bacon? If you have aging parents and growing child, you probably know what I mean. Bacon: everyone wants a piece of you and often at the same time. In the morning when you’re getting ready for the day, in the afternoon when there’s an emotional... more

Fmla At 25: Time To Get Paid?

Rewind to 1993. Ah. The year of denim, “The X-files,” and when buying a movie ticket cost you a solid $4.14. But it’s also the year when something very important happened for families. Any guesses? Alright, fine, the answer’s in the headline. Yes, on August 5, 1993, the... more

Candidates On Care: What Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Are Saying About Family Care

Well, it’s official. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee and Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s nominee. With election season in full swing, you’re probably thinking about the candidate that is going to be best for this country. Let’s be honest, you’re probably thinking about the candidate that... more

Should We Say Good Riddance To "good Job?"

A few weeks ago, I walked into the gym where I teach gymnastics and noticed a highlighted paper on the bulletin board. It was an article titled “FIVE REASONS TO STOP SAYING ‘GOOD JOB.’” Maybe it wasn’t in all caps, but it felt that way when I read it-... more