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What Are Other Care Providers In The Area Charging Per Hour For Special Needs Children?

$18+ is what I would recommend fro taking care of children with special needs and adults.

How Does A Doctor Remove Earwax From A Child's Ears?

They warm up water or use hydrogen peroxide and pour it in the ear so that the wax loosens up and they remain on their side for a couple of minutes. Then, the doctor makes them flip their head to the other side until the wax comes out. It's... more

How Can I Help My 4-Year-Old Stay Dry Overnight?

There should be mats that make noise when they get wet. The noise will wake her up so she gets up to go potty. In the long run, she will be avoiding peeing on the bed so she doesn't wake up. Also, don't let her drink liquids at... more

Am I Crazy Trying To Potty Train A Toddler With A Newborn?

No, you are not. Sometimes the job of a mom is to multitask and take care of a newborn while teaching her toddler how to navigate potty training.

What Christmas Tree Ideas Have You Seen For Decorating A Fake Tree?

Have a theme and have no more than 3 colors, so you don't overcrowd the tree.

How Do You Display Thanksgiving Name Cards?

Small pumpkins-slice a slot for the cards on the step or carve a place holder on the actual pumpkin.