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Why Is It Parents Think We Can Live Off Of Less Then $5/hour?

You can put in your applications what your standard rate is. You know what your care is worth! Whoever places the first numerical value sets the standard, so go ahead in your applications and let them know what your rate is. Is it $10/hr, and an additional $2/hr... more

What Do You Do When You Have Spare Time Because The Child Is Sleeping, So You Clean Up The Place. The Problem Is, They Then Got Rid Of The Housekeeper That Came Once A Week Without Telling You (I Heard From A Neighbor) And Never Offered You Anything Extr

Personally, I always clean when the children are asleep -- at least, I clean up the messes we made while the parents were out (toys, dinner, etc.). They are not paying you to clean, so technically, you don't have to, but it just goes above and beyond to show a... more

Hi There, I Need Advice On What Sorts Of Questions To Ask A Parent Who Has Offered The Following Gig (Below). They Live In Nyc And My Standard Rate For Childcare Is $25/hour. How Do I Determine How Much To Charge For The Added Needs (Shopping/meal-Prep)?

If you're using your car, you could ask that they pay a rate for mileage. As for the cleaning and meal-prep, which I find often comes standard with nannying, you could talk about a higher standard rate. If this is more demanding than the usual childcare that you charge... more

🤔how Do You Deal With Bad Behavior? 🤔

This really depends on the individual child -- their age, their mental state, the reasons they're acting out. With my little brother, who has Oppositional Defiance Disorder, taking away toys or electronics doesn't stop the bad behavior. It actually makes it worse, and he becomes aggressive. It really is... more