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Is It Important To Have A Certification To Be A Caregiver?

You don't, but its always helpful! I would suggest at least a CPR or BLS certification. any classes on child development are good too list on a resume!

How Much Should I Be Charging?

WOW! yes I completely thing your getting underpaid currently! Ask for that raise!

What Are Fun Activities For A 5 Month Old?

At five months old baby are still babys! Meaning lots of playful songs and toy association, such as pointing and saying "blue ball" these kiddos are going too observe you and learn from you. Monkey see monkey do. I tend to make them laugh and be silly and playful with... more

What Do You Do If You Are Being Asked To Work Overtime?

If your not wanting to work overtime especially while not getting paid for it, than during the interview when schedules and hours come up, and they mention overtime; just tell them what hours you are looking for. You can also bring up the subject first and state what hours your... more