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How Do I Help My Father Accept Help?

sometimes it takes that one fall or that one sh*t I can get that or one forgotten memory... I know it may be hard to realize it, I personally think it may be apart of the factor of not wanting to feel weak, to feel the incapability to do... more

How To Provide New Caregivers With Funds To Grocery Shop, Pick-Up Items For Senior.

I would do cash, but only if you feel as though you can trust.. if you build a cloe relationship than maybe credit card.. but make the health care provider sign a paper stating they will not spend money on anything besides what the client needs and what is told... more

How Do I Know Its Safe To Go To Someone Else's House For A Job?

Depends on who you work through, most companies will inspect the client home before any workers are allowed to enter.

What Is The Cost Of Companion Care For Elderly People Living Alone?

usually the rate is anywhere from $12.00 + for at home health care..

How Do I Help A Parent Who Doesn't Want Help?

I would try sitting down and talking to them and tell them how you feel... maybe put them into an approved nursing home... they can still do as they please but with 24 hour supervision...

What Questions To Ask When Hiring Senior Care Giver?

A couple questions I would ask personally would be, Experience? Transportation, Rate, Availability, Background Check, So on and so fourth.

What Are Some Easy Card Games?

gold fish, slap jack, 21,500 rummy