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Fun Easter Games For Kids

Creative game ideas for children over the holidays. While there is no doubt that the Sunday Easter Egg Hunt is the main event, there are plenty of other exciting games that your children can play while counting down to the big day. Here are 5 games to keep the whole... more

5 Ways Parents Can Manage The 'terrible Twos'

Professional advice to help parents through the toddler stage. For many parents the switch from having a sweet little baby, all smiles and coos, to a raging toddler with sudden meltdowns and inexplicable hunger strikes can seem somewhat jarring. While we’ve probably all heard the phase referred to as the... more

How To Be A Great After-School Sitter

6 ways you can be a top-quality after-school sitter. If you’re considering finding a gig as an after-school sitter, it’s important not to underestimate the amount of work a role like this requires. Not only are you picking kids up from school and getting them home safely, but you’re often the... more

Questions To Ask In An Au Pair Interview

Ask the right questions to find the best au pair for your family. An au pair will be taking care of your children and spending a lot of time with your family so it is important that you get the best match possible. One of the most important aspects of the matching... more

9 Autumn Gardening Tasks

Prepare your garden, flower beds and plants for the weather change with this autumn checklist. Take advantage of the mild autumn weather and tackle some landscaping tasks that need to be finished before winter arrives. By completing these tasks now, you will be able to jump right in when spring comes.  Searching for a... more

Tips For Arranging Your Documents And Papers

Top tips for keeping your bills and important documents in order. Drawers pile up and folders split open from the weight of documents that were important at one time or another. But, alas, when we go to find the one document we need, it is nowhere to be found.  ... more

Online Scams: What Carers Need To Know

While the internet makes it easier than ever to find your ideal care job, it also leaves the door wide open for online scammers to fraud you out of money. The key to protecting yourself against online fraud is understanding the warning signs and knowing what to do when you... more

Au Pair Tips: Holidays With Your Host Family

Tips for going, or not going, on holiday with your host family. One of the big questions au pairs and host families need to ask themselves is what happens when the host family goes on holiday? Does the host family need you to come and mind the kids or do they want a family... more