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First-Aid Checklist: What To Do If Your Child Is Being Cyberbullied

How to tell if your child is being cyberbullied and what you can do to help. As the number of devices, apps and social media sites that our children use continues to grow, so do our concerns about their safety. With its many facets, cyberbullying is one of the biggest concerns for... more

Overcoming Problems With Your Employer

Disagreements between caregivers and their employers are often a result of lack of communication. Here are some tips to prevent arguments or conflicts. You work as a caregiver and fulfill your role with motivation and dedication. Although it runs smoothly most of the time, there may be some small differences between you and your employer over... more

7 Ideas For Valentine’s Day With Your Elderly Loved Ones

Great ideas for the elderly loved ones in your life on Valentine’s Day. There is perhaps no more fulfilling and worthwhile way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by spending it with an elderly loved one in your life.   If you have an aging parent, grandparent or neighbour who would otherwise be alone or... more

6 Tips To Monitor Teens And Social Media

How to keep your children safe online. Social media has long since become a dominating feature in the lives of today’s teenagers. As parents, we may hope that our teens choose to spend their time elsewhere but in reality we must accept that social media is here to stay.   Looking for childcare... more

Are You Scared Of Your Child?

5 signs you fear your kids, and how you can change their behaviour. Parents fearing their children is more common than you might think. Many parents are so afraid of tantrums and kids' reactions that they bend over backwards trying please them. Now, there's nothing wrong with giving into kids sometimes and... more

7 Things Tutors Should Never Do

Avoid these mistakes during your tutoring job. An effective tutor can mean the difference between failure and success for someone struggling to learn. Here is a list of professional don'ts to avoid when preparing your pupils for success.  1. Make your private life public  While tutors are expected to privately oversee the academic progress... more

Your Back-To-School Guide

From school supplies to lunch ideas, here are tips to help you send your kids back to school. As summer winds to a close, it's time to go back to school. No more lazy days of summer. Instead, you have to deal with buying school supplies, packing healthy lunches, helping with... more

Back-To-School Blues: How You Can Help Your Kids Beat Back-To-School Anxiety

As the summer draws to a close, many families are dealing with anxiety about going back to school — or in some cases, kids who are going to school for the first time. To better understand back-to-school anxiety, sat down with two anxiety experts, Drs. Laurie and Fred Zelinger... more