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Everything You Need To Know About Hiring An Au Pair In Ireland

Know the requirements for hiring an au pair in Ireland. Hiring an au pair can be a lifesaver for parents and an exciting cultural experience for the au pairs. However, as the legalities of hiring an au pair are very different from country to country, it can be difficult to... more

10 Day Trip Ideas For Elderly People In Summer

Great days out for you and your elderly loved one. Summer is the perfect time to venture outdoors and visit attractions with the elderly loved ones in your life. It provides a wonderful opportunity for older people to socialise and for you to make exciting trips together. Looking for elderly... more

Your Ultimate Spring To-Do List

Make the most of the blooming and bountiful season with this comprehensive to-do list. The transitional season of spring is one of the most enjoyable to experience. An explosion of flowers, leaves and sweet fragrances abound while the sun washes away the remaining vestiges of winter. With this rapid transformation, it... more

Au Pair Tips: Questions To Ask The Host Family During The Interview

Questions to help au pairs decide if a host family is right for them. The au pair interview is a two-way process. As an au pair candidate, you may be preoccupied with perfecting your answers to the interview questions but it is vital that you use this opportunity to learn as much... more

Job Tips For Carers And Housekeepers This Spring

Are you looking to take on more daily tasks and earn a little extra? The spring season offers a wide range of job opportunities for you. With the weather warming we find ourselves venturing out more and more. Along with the many benefits of fresh air and sunshine, this also provides great job opportunities... more

Getting Fit In Spring

What you need to think about when exercising outdoors after the winter.  Spring is here! Here is what you need to think about before wiping the dust from your sneakers and heading outdoors.   1. Get outside  The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the last remnants of... more

How To Encourage Your Child To Swap Screens For Books

6 tips to get your child to turn off the screen and pick up a book.  The range of screens that command the attention of our children (and ourselves) is endless. We have smartphones, TVs, tablets, consoles and computers to name but a few. There is rarely a moment when ephemeral images aren’t... more

Fun Easter Games For Kids

Creative game ideas for children over the holidays. While there is no doubt that the Sunday Easter Egg Hunt is the main event, there are plenty of other exciting games that your children can play while counting down to the big day. Here are 5 games to keep the whole... more