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Teaching Your Child To Ride A Bike

The thought of your child riding a bike for the first time can be as nerve-racking for you as for them. While riding a bike is a great life-skill, it is only natural that some children will be more eager to take on the challenge than others. As there is no set age that children should be cycling by, it is... more

6 Steps To Raising Environmentally Friendly Children

With plastic being today’s hot topic, many of us are asking how we can be more environmentally friendly now and in the future. From creating sustainable kitchens to refusing single-use plastic, there are many ways that we can help protect the environment. However, if we want to find long-term solutions... more

Autumn Care: 5 Tips For Staying Healthy

When we think of autumn, falling leaves and orange sunsets spring to mind. Unfortunately, there is another trait we cannot shake – cold and flu season. As the cold weather drives us inside, the constant proximity to others increases our chance of illness. To avoid getting sick and missing out... more

Autumn Care: How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

The orange veil of autumn is descending, bringing with it picturesque sunsets, cosy firesides and crunchy leaves. However, we mustn’t forget what is lurking under the bed of fallen foliage. While autumn is undoubtedly the most beautiful of seasons, it does have its inevitable drawbacks -- namely, spiders. Finding the creepy-crawlies... more

7 Awesome Activities For Elderly People This Autumn

Participating in activities can have a positive effect on elderly people’s memory, physical health and social relationships. But, as the cold weather creeps in, it can become more difficult to stay active. To prevent inactivity and boredom, here are 7 activities for older people to take part in this autumn. 1... more

6 Common Dementia Behaviours And How To Manage Them

Confusion is commonly associated with dementia, but these other behaviours are also signs that a loved one may be experiencing memory loss. When someone is diagnosed with dementia, they typically begin to exhibit common dementia behaviours. You may first notice that your loved one sometimes forgets words or loses things, but still mostly... more

Beat The Weather With These 10 Autumn Gardening Tasks

Prepare your garden, flower beds and plants for the upcoming cold with this autumn gardening checklist. Take advantage of the mild autumn weather and tackle some landscaping tasks that need to be finished before winter arrives. By completing these tasks now, you will be able to jump right in when spring arrives.  Get... more

How Not To Tell Your Manager You’re Pregnant

11 tips for handling the scary “I’m pregnant!” conversation with your employer.  The day you find out you're pregnant may be the best day of your life. Then you get the joy of sharing the exciting news with the people in your life: your partner, your parents... more