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How To Help Your Children’s Seasonal Allergies

What you can do to prevent and alleviate the symptoms of your children’s seasonal allergies. At this time of the year parents everywhere are struggling to prevent the swollen eyes and itchy throats that accompanies their children’s seasonal allergies. With seasonal allergies affecting one in every five adults and children... more

Home Renovations For The Aged

5 tips that will make life easier in old age. With small modifications, the day-to-day life of older relatives and friends can continue within the comfort of their own home and prevent unnecessary nursing home stays. Looking for aged care? Find carers in your area now. Here are 5 tips for... more

5 Steps To Background Checking Caregivers

What you need to check before hiring any caregiver.  Wading through numerous applications and arranging interviews can make the hiring process feel quite stressful. When searching for the ideal caregiver, whether its child care, tutors or aged care, there is one step in the process that should never be glossed over –... more

What To Do If You Have Problems With Your Au Pair

Is the living situation with your au pair awkward and uncomfortable? Here is how you can manage it. While the vast majority of au pair stories are ones of success, every now and then there will be a less than perfect match. We are all people and, at the end... more

11 Tips For Flying With Toddlers

What’s more difficult than travelling with babies? That’s right, travelling with toddlers. Check out our top tips for making long flights with toddlers as smooth as possible. It’s a fear that all parents of toddlers experience when contemplating air travel: Their precious little one will scream, kick and cry from... more

How Do I Ask For A Salary Increase?

Tips for a salary negotiation in your care job. Are you someone who professionally cares for families? If so, you can be assured that you are pursuing a very worthwhile career. However, if you feel like you’ve been employed by the same family for some time and your experience and... more

Au Pair Tips: Bonding With The Host Children

How to forge a strong relationship with the children of your host family. For au pairs who have just arrived at their new host family’s home, there is perhaps no greater way to ensure a pleasant and rewarding experience than by forging a good bond with the host children. When... more

What To Look For In An Au Pair

Tips to help get the perfect au pair for you and your family. Choosing an au pair is no small undertaking. This person is going to be living in your house for months on end and taking care of your children. So, it is important you get as close to a... more