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6 Steps To Raising Environmentally Friendly Children

With plastic being today’s hot topic, many of us are asking how we can be more environmentally friendly now and in the future. From creating sustainable kitchens to refusing single-use plastic, there are many ways that we can help protect the environment. However, if we want to find long-term solutions... more

7 Awesome Activities For Elderly People

Participating in activities can have a positive effect on elderly people’s memory, physical health and social relationships. But as we get older, it can become more difficult to stay active. To prevent inactivity and boredom, here are 7 activities for older people to take part in. 1. Yoga and Pilates  Yoga and Pilates classes designed for the elderly are a great way to stay... more

6 Ways To Plan Healthy Family Meals

Want to cook healthy dinners, but don't know how to plan the meals for the week? Here are expert tips for getting started. When you're trying to eat healthy, meal planning is one of the easiest ways to guarantee success. When you walk in the door hungry and... more

6 Common Dementia Behaviours And How To Manage Them

Confusion is commonly associated with dementia, but these other behaviours are also signs that a loved one may be experiencing memory loss. When someone is diagnosed with dementia, they typically begin to exhibit common dementia behaviours. You may first notice that your loved one sometimes forgets words or loses things, but still mostly... more

How To Make Healthy Lunches Your Kids Will Enjoy

Does your kid trade their healthy lunch for junk food? Do they bring a lunchbox full of food home with them?  Here are 10 tips for packing lunches that your child will eat. You know the scenario -- you or your nanny pack a healthy lunch for your child, send them off to school... more

9 Tips To Get Your Children Talking

Do you often ask your child how their day was, only to receive “fine” as a response? If so, you are not alone. This is a familiar situation for most parents. Although parents just want to know that everything is alright, sometimes it can be impossible to get more than a... more

9 Tips For Divorcees Hiring Childcare

While hiring the right childcare can be tricky at the best of times, doing so as a divorced parent can come with its own set of concerns. Will both parents have equal say in hiring childcare? What rules relating to the divorce would the caregiver need to follow? What if both parents... more

6 Classic Games For Kids To Play -- With A Twist!

Remember all those games you played as a child? Here are some optional twists on those old favourites! Want to make those classic games even more fun? Here are 6 games for kids to play with a few extra twists: Sardines Game This is a reversal of the classic game... more