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❄️how Do You Manage Family Time With Caregiving During The Holiday Season?❄️

Have open communication with both your family, and your employers. As long as you are honest, and do your best to work with everyone, i doubt their will be any problems. At the end of the day we caregivers are human beings too, and have to be assertive to be... more

How Much Should I Be Charging?

Yes. to be honest I think anything under $17 for any childcare is not fair, and especially if you are doing so much work, and are working overtime (45) you should be at $22. Good luck!

What Do You Do If You Are Being Asked To Work Overtime?

They MUST pay you overtime if you get there. If they refuse tell them that you will not work those hours. When it becomes a matter of legality and business, being professional, but standing your ground is usually the best route.

Is There An Effective Way To Show Authority When Babysitting Ages 6+?

Tell them what the consequences are if they continue with the behavior, and more important then anything else, you must follow through. Dont exaggarate a consequence if you are not prepared to follow through on what you have told them. Also try to remember that they are kids, and at... more

What Are Other Care Providers In The Area Charging Per Hour For Special Needs Children?

Depending upon the situation between 20-25/hr is generally where i try to be

How Much Should I Charge To Nanny This Family?

$20. you have so much experience, I think the LEAST amount you should be looking at is $20 an hour

How Much Should I Ask To Be Paid By The Hour? (What Do You Ask If Your A Nanny Or If You Are A Parent How Much Would You Like To Pay)

i shoot for about 20 if it is a long term thing. I will go as low as 15-17 for one time jobs, but it is difficult work and it deserves to be paid a decent wage

Need To Set Up Rides, Not A Sitter

Explain your situation as you just did, and put "Reliable Transportation" as the headline of what you are looking for in your ad. Good luck to you!