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Is It Possible To Find A Tutor That Has Experience With Adhd?

They do exist, and they do help. I am not one of them however, as it takes a special kind of person.

Can Hiring A Tutor Help My Child Stop Procrastinating?

In my opinion, as long as he completes his work, its ok. Otherwise, you can offer incentives for completing his work early. Hiring a tutor to make him do his work will be a crutch moving forward.

Should I Have The Same Tutor For My Two Children?

Subject wise, yea, it would be totally ok for them to have the same tutor. However, having a the same tutor for both kids can cause issues between the kids. Having two separate tutors makes it very clear cut who works with who and when.

School Bus Issue

They have principles and superintendents for a reason. That is unacceptable behavior from a school employee, and you should complain about it.

Can A Tutor Help My Son With Study Skills?

Oh yes. But you also need to be willing to implement their strategies at home as well. Organization, time management, studying, they are all learned skills, and as such, tutors can help.

How Can I Help My Teenager Feel Better About The Idea Of Being Tutored?

A, his classmates don't need to know. B, EVERYONE has something that they struggle with. In high school, I got A's in everything...then almost failed Spanish - in hindsight, I wish my parents had gotten me a tutor.

How Do I Get An Attitude Problem Under Control


I Started Com 101 Course Any Advice I Get Nervous Talking In Front Of People

As someone who had the same problem, DO IT MORE. You will hate it, and you will mess it up, but in the end you will become more comfortable with public speaking.