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Frankfort, KY

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How Much Should I Pay For Daycare Pickups?

im not to sure maybe $10 for gas and $30 for picking them up i think that is fair

Back Ground Check/ Driver's License

No thats not to much i agree with you actually

💯what's The Best Advice You've Gotten On Being A Caregiver? 💯

Make all the kids happy and let them have fun and do something fun with them

Pay For Baby Sitter

You should actually pay her a decent amount but it very s if it was me i would say 150-180 between there not those actual numbers but between there

☝️if You Could Change One Thing About The Caregiving Industry, What Would It Be? ☝️

Nothing really i would make it to where people should apply then and there not years or days or minutes from now


I understand where you are coming from i have been there and dealt with that before. If i was you i would just respond to the ones that send in a application asap not wait days or years. I know what it feels like just trust me you will find... more