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Gaithersburg, MD

I am a nanny with with seven years of experience. I love kids of any age and can take on up to nine at a time. But I never say no to more.

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Should My Teen Still Sleep With A Stuffed Animal

Yes! As long as she's not brining it to school or having panic attacks or not being able to sleep at all without it, I think it would be okay for her to sleep with it. I know people who are twenty and sleep with a stuffed animal. Now... more

Is Pricing For Overnight Care The Same As For Care During The Day?

I normally charge by the family. $15 for something really simple and then $18-$25 for something more complicated. I do have six years of experience and am a combat medic in the army, so I have the credentials to charge a bit more. However, I believe overnight care should... more

Is The Same Pay Fare If I’m Picking Up An Extra Day But Watching One Less Child?

I would say that's fair. I don't normally change my rate, even if the families situation changes.

How Much Should I Ask To Be Paid By The Hour? (What Do You Ask If Your A Nanny Or If You Are A Parent How Much Would You Like To Pay)

It will depend on the job. When I was thirteen and could only watch the kids in the house and play with them there, not do a whole lot of real cooking or cleaning, I got $10 an hour. As I got older and did more, clean with them, play... more

What To Do With Kids 9, 6, And 2?

Hello! I am used to nannying at least five children of all different ages at once! It is so amazing to see how they all play together. Now, the two year old is not going to be as involved in some of the activities. You will have to engage them... more