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How Much Does Tutoring Actually Help With Preparing For The Sat? Is It Worth The Money?

Yes, but a good SAT tutor is usually $30 per hour or more. Even if they charge a lot it does not mean they are for sure good. Try to get recommendations and reviews.

Teen Baby-Sitter/ Tutor Advice?

I would keep the third family for sure. I have worked as a tutor with students that were ahead, behind or in the middle. Just find ways to push the student further. In terms of the flakiness of the other two families that is tough. I am 33 and people... more

Homework Help Websites?

I like Khan Academy. Also my first session is free.

Wouldnt It Be Easier To Tutor A Kid If You Just Went Through The Classes They Are Now?

I think I understand your question. I think you mean that the tutor should use the curriculum that the school is using. In general I think this is correct, but I don't think it is bad for a tutor to use additional curriculum as well. If the tutor is... more


Well. I'm not sure if I am the right fit, but I took modern, jazz, ballet, and African dance. I enjoy pop music and have heard some Asian pop but not much. I have been an Educator for 10 years. Right now I primarily focus on academics like math... more

What Kind Of Interview Questions Should I Ask A Prospective Tutor?

Ask them what kinds of methods they use. They should be comfortable explaining the details of their techniques instead of saying something vague. For an example read my article on Words per Min at

Where Is Tahini Paste Located In The Grocery Store?

When they say paste they just mean ground sesame seeds. Whole foods or any health food store should have tahini by the peanut butter. Good luck!

Are Men Frowned Upon In Childcare?

As a male educator I am very interested in this topic. I would like to say right away that there is a reason why parents are wary of male educators. The fact is that more child predators are men rather than women. This is a truth that I face every... more