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How Do I Get The Family I'm Working For To Give Me A Set Schedule?

You need to remind the parents of your pre-agreed upon schedule. If you had a contract, you could show it to them. If you want to work less hours, you might suggest to the parents to hire a part-time evening sitter. This is not uncommon. There are high school and... more

Does Being A Parent Count As Child Care Experience?

Being a parent is a plus due to the plethora of experience you have caring for your own kids. But someone who has a lot of babysitter experience, and possibly some nanny training classes under their wing can be as good a provider as a seasoned nanny/sitter. The only... more

What Do Kids Like In A Babysitter?

Kids like sitters who have activities for them to do,and someone who is involved with them almost all the time. They like loving, fun (act like them sometimes) sitters/nannies.

🌴how Do You Handle Asking For Time Off For The Holidays? 🌴

I just ask, and remind the family that they can find a temporary sitter from in my absence.

How Much Should I Pay For Picking Up/dropping Off?

You should offer enough cash to cover her time + her mileage driven to and from her house,usually about $.50+/mile for the total distance she has to drive to achieve this help for you, plus an hourly wage of not less than 1 hr. This should be an agreed... more

Growing Pains?

Has he/she been involved in strenuous activities, and accident or injury recently,or taking a new medication or nutritional supplement? You should contact the dr. for that medical advice.

💕during An Interview, What Questions Do You Always Ask Families, To Make Sure They Will Be A Good Match? 💕

Does your child have any special needs I should know about? What are my expected responsibilities as far as activities are concerned? What types of food does the child eat, or not eat? What is your disciplinary style when necessary? Does your child require medication while I'm at the... more

Back Ground Check/ Driver's License

I see nothing wrong with that. I would want the same thing.