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Is It Necessary To Have Both An Oil Diffuser And An Air Purifier In The Same Room?

Since their purposes are essentially different,the necessity for either one or both is completely up to you. The diffuser is used to scent the air and/or deliver aromatherapy. The air purifier is to clean the air of harmful particulates like smoke, dust, or noxious odors.

I Need A Home Cleaner First Because Frankly My House Is A Disaster Area!  But Once The Initial Disaster Is Cleaned Up, I Then Need Someone Bi-Monthly. So Do I Need To Post 2 Separate Jobs Or Can One Listing Suffice?

If you put what you just said in the ad, I see no reason why you would need more than one. Be prepared to pay more for the initial cleaning. The same person or team would have a much better idea what would be needed after the initial cleaning than... more