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How Do I Screen Caregivers Responding To My Ad?

I would recommend the caregivers with a carepro badge, several good reviews and meet with him/her at a coffee shop! Once that has gone well, invite them to meet the loved one in need. You could also call some of their references!

Senior Caregivers

I'm so sorry you experienced a lack of response. Personally, I always respond! I wish you all the best with your caregiver.

Alzheimers At 64, When To Place In A Home

I would say to call a family meeting- weigh out the pros and cons; finances, logistics of your Mom going into a home-visitation abilities, type of home and etc. There is a lot to cover, it might take a couple meetings, but give it time and work through the emotions... more

Paying Caregivers

I need a little more background info here. When you're asking for SS number or taxes and etc- are you going through a company for tax purposes? Have you already mentioned it? A lot of caregivers do expect to work for cash and decide if they want to file... more

What Are Ways We Can Help Our Seniors Feel More Special?

Once you get to know your client; there are so many things you can do! For some clients, less is more and for others, the bigger the better! For example- For my more less is more clients I like to bring them a good book I know they'll like... more