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26 fantastic Halloween costumes for pregnant women

Expecting but not sure how to dress up your baby bump this year? Here are some of the best pregnant Halloween costumes out there, including many you can DIY yourself.

This Studio 54 disco ball bump idea makes the perfect Halloween costume for pregnant women

Not everything is extra-fun during pregnancy, but Halloween? That’s one holiday any expecting parent can get behind. Is it because of the candy? OK, fine, the candy is pretty great. But the real reason to love Halloween when you’re pregnant is the super-creative, super-cute pregnancy costume ideas during this time. 

Expecting but aren’t sure how to dress up your bump this Halloween? Here are 26 of the best pregnant costumes out there, including many you can DIY yourself. 

1. Unicorns

Image via ballad.of.a.mama/Instagram

What does a mama unicorn give birth to? A baby unicorn, of course. But beware of the horn that pokes through!

2. Winnie the Pooh

Image via collectivelykeys/Instagram

Too much honey or just a little baby? Either way, that Winnie the Pooh belly is adorable. 


This COVID concept makes the perfect pregnancy Halloween costume
Image via Tal Markovitch/Instagram

While the woman in this photo is NOT pregnant, she’s certainly creative and talented. Using her skills as a stage seamstress, Tal Markovitch created this dead-on COVID costume, which, truth be told, would be perfect for someone with a growing belly.

4. Fortuneteller

Image via Alana Dawn/Instagram

The best part about this fortuneteller costume? Why, the baby bump crystal ball, of course!

5. Disco ball 

This disco ball bump makes the perfect pregnancy Halloween costume
Image via Emily Vartanian/Instagram

Want to give your bump a dash of glam? Why not try out this disco ball Halloween costume? Because every needs a little sparkle. 

6. Avocado… toast

This avocado toast concept makes the perfect pregnancy Halloween costume
Image via Let’s Do Lattes/Instagram

An avocado, but make it millennial by adding toast. Partner up with your special someone or a buddy and go as pregnant avocado toast. You, of course, being the avocado. 

7. A bun in the oven

Image via Thursday’s Child Shop/Instagram

Show off your metaphorical bun in the oven with this clever bun in the oven costume. So cute!

8. Elliott and E.T.

Image via Camilla Thurman/Instagram

Turn your baby bump into E.T. with this clever costume that recreates a scene from the movie. 

9. ‘Beer’ belly

Image via Inbal Gokh/Instagram

Want an easy-to-throw-together costume? Turn your baby bump into a “beer” belly!

10. Mummy-to-be

Image via emma prado/Instagram

This mummy costume idea is perfect for a mom-to-be. Wrap up as warmly as you’d like. This baby is even getting their peek on! 

11. Hickory Dickory Dock

Image via dawnarmstrong11/Instagram

A pregnancy-themed nursery rhyme costume? Yes, please. This grandfather clock and mouse make a great duet for parents-to-be.

12. Humpty Dumpty 

Image via something.sisterly/Instagram

Speaking of nursery rhymes, how cute is this Humpty Dumpty pregnancy costume? And love the king’s horses and king’s men!

13. Cow

Image via giselle_mybelle/Instagram

The best kind of Halloween costume when you’re expecting? A comfy one like this “udderly” adorable pregnancy costume.  Add a big cardboard moon and you’re a nursery rhyme, too. 

14. Handmaid

Image via Arika Jordan Photography/Instagram

Actress Elisabeth Moss would certainly approve of this handmaid’s costume — as would Aunt Lydia. 

15. Peas in a pod

Image via Isabella & Sophia/Instagram

Got a pregnant bestie? Together, you can make two seriously adorable peas in a pod.

16. Gumball machine

This gumball machine belly makes the perfect Halloween costume for pregnant women
Image via Allison Lacasse/Instagram

Such a cute and simple idea! Turn your baby bump into a gumball machine.

17. Magic 8-Ball

Image via elyse270/Instagram

Being pregnant is already magical so use that bump to its full potential as a Magic 8-Ball

18. Baseball player — with a baseball!

Image via Kennya Gonzalez/Instagram

If you’re going to be a pregnant baseball player, you obviously need to turn your belly into a baseball. 

19. Avocado

Image via wild_andfit/Instagram

Nothing better than a perfectly ripe avocado — except maybe this avocado pregnancy costume

20. Zombie mama

Image via Keevanski/Instagram

If you’re super talented with makeup or know someone who is, you could go as … a super-creepy pregnant zombie

Image via bookwormqueen/Instagram

If you want to keep it super easy, Cookie Monster is a good choice — with cookies, of course. 

22. Peek-a-boo baby

Image via Mary Lorraine Mosqueda/Instagram

Here’s a fun, albeit super-creepy, pregnancy costume idea. Baby, horns and all, wants to come out and join the Halloween festivities. 

23. ‘Moon baby’ and stars

Image via natalibabylog/Instagram

Love how this mom-to-be turned her baby bump into the full moon. And it makes for part of a good family costume, to boot!

24. Jack-o-lantern

Image via Emily Paige/Instagram

Another super-easy and super-cute pregnancy costume? A jack-o-lantern!

25. Construction worker

Image via baonhidam/Instagram

Caution: construction zone. Baby bump ahead!

26. Mike Wazowski

Image via Alexis Lydia/Instagram

If there ever was a time to be Mike Wazowski from “Monsters, Inc.” surely it’s during pregnancy.