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How Do I Get People To Hire Me?

that's what i said to i emailed a lot of people but no response. i think they want to to upgrade to premium so you can be seen out there to family's.

First Interview Tomorrow.. What To Wear?!

casual and decent i always dress comfortable if i wear jeans or soft pants i always wear a shirt no matter the bottom gear and shoes no sneakers.

πŸ“ Do You Use Written Agreements With Your Families? Why Or Why Not? πŸ“

i never used it simply because i'm a very trusting person so i dont think it was needed whatever we discuss during and interview well thats what its gonna be. my strongest asset is i'm very good at communicating so i never have an issue if i don... more

πŸ’°what Are Your Tips For Negotiating Pay Rates?Β πŸ’°

tips are whatever you and the family think is fair for the work that you are doing with their kids and household should be discussed fairly.

πŸ† What Moment Are You Most Proud Of As A Caregiver? πŸ†

im most proud of i became part of a family alongside the kids learned alot being with me

I Was Booked By A Client From Cali In May For A 1 Wk Ft Job In Nyc Starting Sept 9th. He Canceled Just A Few Days B4 With The Excuse Of "family Emergency" And Rather Than Offering Any Kind Of Compensation, Simply Offered His Apologies. Is This Right?

everybody has emergencies as nanny at times we have to call out due to an emergency so ask yourself hmmm should your boss pay you for having an emergency yourself or not

How Can I Convince Parents To Pay Me Legally Vs. Under The Table?

just be honest let them know you dont have your credentials to work legally in the US. if you can let them know that as well be honest never start a relationship with an employer with a lie you will never be trusted or hired