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What Is The Cost Of Companion Care For Elderly People Living Alone?

It depends on where you live and how many hours per week you need someone, but to get a registered caregiver with First Aid/CPR certification is usually around 15$ per hour. In some areas, the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) can help to cover this cost

How Do I Help A Parent Who Doesn't Want Help?

As a caregiver, I cannot work for someone who refuses help. It's a law in my state, we cannot force care on anyone. As a family member, it is a different situation for you. My recommendations are first to sit down with them and firmly explain that you have... more

Alzheimers At 64, When To Place In A Home

When a client/patient becomes physical, it is time for assisted living. Staff there are trained in how to handle aggressive or abusive patients. Wandering is also concerning. Since you have little ones, you cannot be expected to watch her at all times. A live-in caregiver is an option you... more

What Questions To Ask When Hiring Senior Care Giver?

Ask about previous experience with clients, what challenges they have had to deal with at work, and what their favorite part about caregiving is. You want someone who is passionate and thoughtful about their job, not someone who is just in it for the paycheck. If you have pets, make... more

Paying Caregivers

That is tax evasion and it is illegal. Refuse to hire unless they provide these details.

What Are Ways We Can Help Our Seniors Feel More Special?

I love writing cards with them. My clients often have failing vision, arthritis, and/or shaky hands, and cannot write anymore. They dictate while I write cards for their families/friends, and I deliver them to the post office on my way home.

Any Gift Ideas For Early Stage Dementia?

One thing I have noticed to be of help is a digital clock with large numbers that also displays the date. My previous clients who had dementia often got frustrated when they didn't know what day it was. This solved that. Another suggestion is a nice journal. Many healthcare... more

How Do I Screen Caregivers Responding To My Ad?

A good idea is to make sure you get a caregiver who has been background checked. It will say this on their profile. I also always ask to meet in public first to get to know each other, before agreeing to anything. If you are worried about theft/safety, you... more