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💬 If You Could Change One Thing About Your Job, What Would It Be? 💬

I wish it qualified as childcare experience because I've been a nanny for five years and I can't have a preschool teaching job because I don't have 6 months experience in a licensed childcare facility. Otherwise, I don't think I'd really want to change anything.

How Much Should I Pay For Daycare Pickups?

Include gas money. If the daycare is less than 5 minutes down the road, I wouldn't give more than $10-$15 extra a week.

😳 What's The Most Embarrassing Moment You've Had On The Job? 😳

I saw the baby trying to poop but he was struggling, so I kept checking his diaper every 10 minutes to make sure he had/hadn't pooped so I could change him. After roughly an hour of going back and forth, he didn't poop. I ended up forgetting... more

How Do You Catch The Care Provider Attention When Applying For The Position.

State your experience, passion for working with children, education, and hobbies.

When They Don't Show Up.

I have had this happen as well, I report the person. I do not do it to be mean, but other sitters shouldn't have to suffer like us. Communication is key.

What Is The Going Rate For Live In Caregivers? 3 Days A Week? A Full Week?

Personally, I wouldn't be a live in caregiver if I didn't stay all week. Otherwise, I could drive home every night.

What Are Good Questions To Ask On A Date?

On a first date, I would ask the usual ice-breaker questions such as, "What's your favorite color or restaurant?" Later on during the first date, I'd ask what the person believes in spiritually because Christianity is a big thing in my life.