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Boarding Dogs When Your Own Dog Gets Jealous!

Think of them as human. Would you want someone else coming over every other day or week taking your person away from you. Some people we don't mind, and other we hate. I think you have to decide if the dogs you pooch doesn't agree with are worth... more

What Would You Charge For 3 Dogs, All Day And Over Night?

I'm gonna throw out $700. 10hr x 53hr=530. then the other dogs, I wouldn't multiply it by 3 but you could depending on your area.

Are Mangoes Safe For Dogs To Eat?

Purina says they can

My Dog Started Peeing In The Floor After We Got A Cat, Help!

It takes time, be diligent. And take her out more often, 11+ hour is to much. If you need someone to come mid day and take her out let me know.

Does Pet Sitting = Pet Boarding?

Same here. I found the difference is Pet Boarding is being able to bring the animal to your home. Where as, Pet Sitting is done at the pets home.

Cat Pee Smell

It could be possible you just need to open all the windows for a day, but I would check the base boards. The carpet gets cleaned but any furniture or the wall near the incident could need washed.

How Much Should I Charge To Go To Someones House Twice A Day To Feed And Check On Cats For Almost Two Months?

Being the nicer person I am I charge $10HR. So if it were me, I would be nice and do 10 a day for 60 days. That comes close to $600.