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Does My Cat Have To Have Wet Food, And Why?

Cats are what we call natural obligate carnivores, meaning that they require a high protein low carbohydrate (10% or less) based food to stay happy and truly healthy. Though cats can eek by on many of today’s popularized dry pet foods, there is much more to be gained with the... more

The Perfect Paw-Da-Cure, How To Properly Trim You Pets Nails From Home.

You will need: Appropriate sized nail trimmers (I recommend open-faced clippers vs. the guillotine style) Quick Stop or other brand of septic powder Additional hands if you have a squirmier! The “quick” or the nail bed of your pets paw can be seen in light colored nails, and shows up... more

How Much Is Too Much? The Tough Subject Of Obesity In Pets, And How To Help Prevent It.

To date, well over half of pet cats and dogs are overweight by veterinary standards. Similar to dog years, for each additional pound that our pet puts on, that pound is equivalent to approximately 10 human pounds. There’s no doubt that over feeding your pet is easily done, but the... more

What’s In This? How To Read Your Pet’s Wet Food Can Label.

When you read your pets dry food bag you are viewing it in the form of a dry matter basis (otherwise known as a moisture free food analysis). This snapshot of your pet’s food is commonly known as the guaranteed analysis, and shows you the protein, fat, fiber, and moisture... more

How Many Litter Boxes Should I Have For My Cat?

Vets recommend keeping # cats you own + 1 for a healthy happy cat! Why? Multiple boxes help to cut down on bacteria, help to prevent urinary tract illnesses, prevents territorial issues in multiple cat households, and disperses the amount of waste your pet has to encounter when using the bathroom, thus... more

Getting Down And Dirty: Litter Box Problems And Some Tips On How To Solve Them!

Do you have enough litter boxes? Vets recommend keeping 1 + 1 per cat in the home. Try relocating you box to the area you cat seems to be going back to. How often do your clean your box? Some cats will refuse to use their box if they feel the... more

Simple Solutions – Slow Feeders!

Is your cat or dog is having trouble keeping their food down? If so, they may be eating too quickly. When your pet eats too rapidly they are often unable to retain their food because they can’t digest it fast enough. Alternatively your pet can fall subject to something called... more

Why Does My Pet Itch So Much? The Top Reasons For Hot-Spots & More.

How often are you washing Fido? The recommended maximum number of baths is once per month. If you bathe you pet more often it will strip essential oils and moisture from your pet’s coat, causing dandruff and dry itchy skin. If your pet tends to smell in-between bath times, try... more