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House Training Puppy

10 Easy Tips to Help With Potty Training! We all love puppies, but the messes that can come with them...not so much! Potty training is different for every dog or puppy, but there are some basic guidelines everyone can start with. Here are some tools and how to use... more

Why Can't Caregivers Review The Parents?

Yes! Everywhere else does this, they definitely need to start a 2-way review process here too. It would also be very helpful it you were required to leave a brief review for that person before moving forward or posting another job to ensure that both parties get feedback.

Why Won't Any One Respond To My Applications?

They make the families seeking care pay too. Families seeking care can post their job, but in order to respond to the care-giver they like or want to hire, they must also pay to upgrade. They are on the take from both ends, and if the care-seekers don't pay... more

Why Must I Upgrade For Parents To Respond?

They make you pay for it. You can make a profile fro free but they charge for everything else now. The same is true for care-seekers, they make BOTH parties pay to communicate and match jobs with caregivers.

Why Does My Dog Get Sleep In His Eyes?

Dogs get "sleepy" in their eyes for the same reasons people do. As long as its not excessive (can be a sign of an allergy or health issue), it can be cleaned by simply wiping it away in the mornings when they get it. If it becomes caked or matted... more

How Do I Introduce Another Dog Into My Home?

In order to help the transition, have the two dogs meet in a neutral territory, someplace neither dog has been before. You can also exchange pieces or bedding or toys beforehand like you would to introduce your scent to a new puppy to help ease the transition. If you have... more

What's The Cheapest Aquarium For Goldfish?

Hi there! Unfortunately your friend is correct. Goldfish require a minimum of 10 gallons with a filter to stay happy and healthy. With the right tank and care they can live 30+ years, but in a bowl their odds of survival are extremely low. However, If your friend wants a... more

My Dog Hates Being Brushed. What Do I Do?

If your pet is new to or does poorly with brushing or nail trims, try doing a bit once a day or every few hours while incorporating lots of treats and praises after the activity to disperse any related fears and make it a positive experience!