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Should I Charge More For My Babysitting Job?

If you know your work is worth more, talk to the family and negotiate a payment that meets both your needs.

Transportation Required

If you are interested, just ask the family for clarification.

How Do You Leave A Live-In Position Gracefully When Your Reason For Leaving Is Pay-Related?

If another job presents itself, just explain that you need to finish your 2 week resignation commitment. If you need to give less than 2 weeks notice, I would suggest that you bring that up with the family as soon as you know you will need to leave in less... more

How Do You Respond When Asked About Negative Reviews?

Professionally explain that you had an occasion that went badly.

Is There An Effective Way To Show Authority When Babysitting Ages 6+?

You need to be firm and consistent, and you also need to follow through. Stick with your answer, and always give the same answer. Consistency and follow through are key, without those you won't have respect or control.

How Long Does My Toddler Need A Rear Facing Car Seat?

I would suggest talking to her pediatrician.