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Paying Caregivers

The best solution to avoid frustration is to make it crystal clear in the job posting or from the beginning of the job interview that paying under the table is not an option, it could save you some time and frustration. On the other hand some possible future employees have... more

I Am An Experienced Rn And I Just Moved Into Help Care For A Friend Who Requests I An "on Call" An Average Of 12-14 Nights A Month. I Do Light Housekeeping, Meal Prep, Assist With Adls, Etc.. What's The Best Way To Calculate Compensation?

Most importantly you need to calculate what it is worth for the time you set aside. Find a base hourly rate and add on .50-1.00 per additional service you provide. Break it down and figure out a daily and hourly rate so it is easy to understand. Don't... more

What Is The Meaning/difference Of "hands On Care" And "companion Care"?

Hello, Hands on care generally falls under the senior needing assistance with all daily hygiene and activities. For example hands on care may require assistance with bathing, grooming, toileting, medication management and possibly feeding. Companion care would be more along the lines of making conversation, playing games possible light conversation... more

My Elderly Mother Needs Help With Transportation To Appointments And Such, How Much Does That Cost?

Reimbursing caregivers for transportation is a subject not many people know how to approach, lets break it down to make it simple! First some simple questions. Whose care will they take? The clients or the caregivers? If it is the caregivers, you will need to reimburse for gas costs. How... more

I Will Having A Stem Cell Transplant For Cancer In January And Will Be Needing A Caregiver 2 Or 3 Days A Week 8hrs A Day To Sit And Make Sure That I'm Taking My Medication. Some Meal Preparation And Doctors Appointments At Northside Hospital.

Caregiving costs vary depending on hours and services needed. It sounds like you would be needing the most basic level of care which should run you $15-22 per hour. I would budget $360-$550 per week for services. Hope this helps!

How Do I Help My Father Accept Help?

Losing independence can be incredibly difficult and confusing. The best way is to turn it around, turn his attention to something else. Would he be more comfortable doing an activity with someone before they clean his house? Could the caregiver watch a movie or make him a meal to distract... more

How To Provide New Caregivers With Funds To Grocery Shop, Pick-Up Items For Senior.

Repaying caregivers can sometimes be a hassle, luckily in today's world it has become a much less daunting task! You can use caregiver designated credit card. Another option is to simply have them give you the physical receipt or send a pic of the receipt and you add save... more

How Do I Know Its Safe To Go To Someone Else's House For A Job?

Always meet in a neutral location the first time. My go to is a coffee shop, meeting in public is a much safer option. The first time you go to a strangers house bring a friend or family member to wait in the car for you. If that isn't... more