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How Do I Know If It's Worth It To Keep Going With My Child's Tutoring?

Test her...also it depends how much effort your daughter is putting into it. Reading is something that can be slower than other things. Make sure she is reading books for fun as well. The more she reads the better she will get. Angela Mann

Could A Tutor Help My Homeschooled Child?

I think a tutor would be great. Also have you tried computer math games? They can be a lot of fun... Good luck, Angela Mann

What Do I Do When Parent Cancels Verbal Agreement For Tutoring?

You only have rights if the two of you signed a contract sorry! Angela Mann

How Do I Know When A Tutor As Accepted My Request To Book Them ?.

Call them...or text and ask. If they don't respond get someone else immediately...Good luck! Angela Mann

Rates For Tutoring Two Students At Once?

I would charge a minimum of 50.00. I mean they aren't getting individual time so charging twice the amount would not be right. However, it's also not right for you to get single pay for two kids. That being said a middle ground figure would be good... more

I Started Com 101 Course Any Advice I Get Nervous Talking In Front Of People

Instead of trying to memorize, etc. just be real with people and talk to them as though you were in a conversation. As a whole people like it when other people are just real. Even if you make a mistake just own it and keep going. You don't have... more

How Do You Teach Math To Your Kid?

Use a game computer software that is relevant to your childs' age and learning ability. Angela Mann

Homework Help Websites? Good Luck! Angela Mann