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Eldercare Abuse

Most of the time I cant sleep and if there are older people in the house I always made sure that I have my phone right beside my bed so I can call the police if neccasary.

What Are Ways We Can Help Our Seniors Feel More Special?

You have to find a way to find out what triggers a person. I had a situation that when I addressed a female about her personell grooming she got offensive and told me to but out. I immediately appologiezes and then it was alright.

What Kind Of Insurance Do You Need When Hiring An In Home Care Person

You don't need a insurance for that kind of positution I was hired before and was trained as a Nursingaid and Medication dispensint.

I Want To Tutor But Also Get Help With Housekeeping. Can I Seek Care As Well As Give Care?

you can make room for an hour or two to fit everything in one place