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School Breaks Are Vastly Approaching Caregiver's! (Yay)

Morning organizing around first, what the have to do for homework on the break, and then, what the'd like to do. Daydream with them .Think about when the"ll need lunch, time wise. Throw out some things you like to do. A park at this time of year is... more

How Do I Get My First Job As A Caregiver?

Your own sense of well-being and enthusiasm.

How Do I Discuss With My Family A Better Way To Do Dinnertime?

Don't, under any circumstances tell or suggest to them what to do. They will continue to manage as they must when you aren't there. The best you can hope for is to gently suggest to the children your way,and helping them around with their way. It's... more

❄️how Do You Manage Family Time With Caregiving During The Holiday Season?❄️

Get it straight when you are needed and when family is available. Grandma doesn't need you to be with her, nor does she probably want you. Think of what you'd like to do for the Holidays, first and put it all out there as soon as possible from... more

Is It Important To Have A Certification To Be A Caregiver?

CPR and a knack for children. Often this knack comes from being the oldest child in your family, or at least from lots of experience with children. You really have to like them and they will know this immediately upon meeting you. They need someone who delights in engaging with... more

How Much Should I Be Charging?

Better yet, check on the going hourly rate for a regular teacher and head for this rate. Match and compare, gently, and tell them what you think. How else will they know what's fair.Do the math{for yourself !} first. The amount of time you have to be there... more

What Are Fun Activities For A 5 Month Old?

Careful in your lap,somersaults and stretching. develops trust and is a good alternative to being carried.Holding and reading the baby books, redirecting the books out of their mouth. Also floor exercises with toys they like, just out of their reach, to see what they are ready to do... more

Babysitter Cancelled Want Refund?

Ask a lawyer/mediation friend for help. Whatever you agreed about, with or without it being in writing is what "small claims court" can honor. The most they can expect from this might be half of what they said. So, who can afford this? Contract? Get it all in writing... more